Friday, August 5, 2011

Life is good

Chops is doing well! :) She was recently diagnosed with a mass cell tumor and had it removed. The surgery went well and the vet said that it looks like he got it all, although I will need to keep an extra eye on her from now on. I was told that boxers commonly get skin cancer, and that most of them tolerate it well. Chops is a mix, and we think she is a pitt bull/boxer mix. She definitely has the pitt tail, I can tell you that for sure! She will just about knock you down when she is happy and wagging her tail - which is most of the time! She is taking antibiotics to keep the risk of infection down, and so far her incision site looks really good!

Well, A Perfect Circle was beyond amazing! It has been 2 weeks since the show and just as I was calming down from that awesomeness I hear that Soundgarden is touring! Tickets went on sale this morning and I was lucky enough to snag a pair. 14 years is a long time, I cant even imagine how many people have been waiting for this tour! I'm still working on uploading my photos and videos from APC, and will get them posted soon. I kept getting scolded by the ushers or "security" or whatever because I got busted taking videos with my phone. Even just a few seconds of video is plenty to eternally refresh my memory of the show :)

I have been passing resumes out like candy this week! I am happy for blessings in disguise. I may not have a job at the moment, but at least I know that I won't have to work overnight anymore, I'm happy about that!

School is going better than expected. Summer classes are over next week and then I only have a week break before the fall semester begins. I am spending my Friday evening studying algebra, what fun! Math has never been my strong point and I am taking an assessment test in the morning that I'm hoping will produce a college-level algebra result. I have taken the assessment once and didn't get that far, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed this time. I need to get this done and over with so that I can sign up for my last class and work towards finishing my degree. Healthcare statistics sounds scary all on its own; I should be happy to be studying algebra instead right now!

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